About the Author

Books and Music . . . My Passion

I served as a librarian and a fifth-grade teacher in my early adult life. I took several years off to stay home with my two daughters. When they started school, I returned to the workforce and began a career working at the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. I started writing a novel years ago but didn’t complete it. (Couldn’t figure out how to end it!) After retirement, the writing bug hit me full force and I finished the novel! Mending Vanessa debuted in 2022. I’m happy to report I’ve finished a second manuscript scheduled for publication in August 2023. 

In addition to writing and housework (ugh!), I fill my days reading and listening to music. I love 50s and 60s hits, songs from movies/musicals, and big band songs. My absolute favorite singer is Barry Manilow. Yes, folks kid me about my love of his music. My two daughters grew up listening to him. (They had no choice!) It is fitting that one daughter named her son Barry. I’ve attended over ten of his concerts and have many of his recordings. I also play the piano when the mood strikes me.

My husband and I grow and sell Christmas trees on our six-acre farm. When families choose the “perfect” tree, they are buying a tree that required years of maintenance . . . spraying for insects and weeds, fertilizing, sheering, etc. We sold trees at our church playground for 35 years; now we sell U-Cut on our farm. 


Roseann Cotton is a talented independent author residing in rural Oregon. Living on a Christmas

tree farm, she draws inspiration from the enchanting beauty of her surroundings. With a passion for storytelling, Cotton takes the leap of faith to independently publish her book, delivering compelling narratives that closely resonate with readers. Mending Vanessa is a testament to her creative prowess.

The book is set to release soon independently, offering readers an opportunity to have a closer look and immerse themselves in Vanessa’s world, inspiring readers to navigate their journey of healing and self-discovery, for now, Mending Vanessa is available for purchase through Amazon, in paperback and Kindle Editions.