A shocking revelation.

A sudden death.

A broken engagement.

An unexpected departure.

Plagued by a nightmare childhood of abuse from an alcoholic father, Rachel Favretto develops an irrational hatred of alcoholic beverages. Convinced her husband Lee’s few beers a week are excessive, she stuns Lee when she threatens to leave him. Within a few days, Rachel realizes she is unreasonable. Now all she wants is to undo the threat. That moment never happens . . . Lee unexpectedly dies.


Rachel blames herself for Lee’s death. Overwhelming guilt consumes her. She erects a barrier around her heart and vows to love Lee forever despite a devastating secret she discovers about Lee.


Rachel moves her family back to her hometown in Oregon to start a fresh. Her children become involved with the high school basketball coach and form a strong bond with him. Attracted to Rachel, the coach attempts to pierce Rachel’s barrier, but Lee’s grasp on Rachel persists.


Rachel resists the pressure from her family and the coach to let go of her guilt. If not, she risks alienating her children and destroying a second chance at love.

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